About us

  • Provide free information about places of Siauliai District, County of Siauliai, Lithuania objects;
  • Provide free information about accommodation, catering services in Siauliai region;
  • Provide free information about events taking place in Siauliai region;
  • Gather and store information about places of Siauliai region objects, places;
  • Allows publications of tourist services in Siauliai region;
  • Provides courier services (Lithuanian, English, Russian, German);
  • Provide information to the National Tourism Information System;
  • The tourist routes in the area of Siauliai, Lithuania;
  • Mediates ordering of accommodation, catering to tourist groups and individuals;
  • Sells souvenirs, maps;
  • Rent a conference room;
  • There is a bicycle rack, we rent locks for bicycles.
Photos used in this site were made by Zigmas Ripinskis
Lithuanian souvenirs at our office even for the most fastidious customer: