Legends of the Hill of Crosses

It is said that in this field was big battle. Many warrior died and their friends poured the hill on the deads. So that is the story of origin this hill.

One of the legends about the first cross states that, once upon a time, father had a daughter, who was ill. Nobody managed to help her. Once he dreamed a woman dressed in white, saying “In order you want your daughter to recover, make a wooden cross and bring it to the Castle Hill near Meskuiciai”. Father did as advised. His cross was extremely heavy and it took 13 hours for him to bring the cross to the hill. Then he kissed the cross wood and erected it. On his way home, at halfway, he met his recovered daughter.
According to another version, many crosses appeared after the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus appeared on the mound in the 7th decade of the 19th century. It was she who supposedly encouraged people to put crosses at this place.
Also people telling that there was a church where now is the hill. Once upon a time was very strong storm and church together with people vanished in the sand. Nowadays on Easter morning you can see procession going around the hill. That is the people from the church.

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