Natural monuments

  • Bubiai Poplars: on the left side of Šiauliai - Kelmė road
  • Zuikiškė Oak: in the vicinity of Lake Bijotė, Pabijočiai Forest, Section 10
  • 6-Trunk Fir-Tree: 3 km away from Bubiai Village, 1.5 km left from Šiauliai - Kelmė highway
  • Martynas Rock: on the outskirts of the district, on the left side of Kuršėnai - Ramučiai road
  • Fairy Rock: ~ 2 km away from Kuršėnai - Ramučiai road
  • Dugnai Oak: on the right side of Juozapava - Pamockė road
  • Paežeriai Oak: by Juozapava - Pamockė roadside, in the vicinity of Paežeriai Forest District
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Photos used in this site were made by Zigmas Ripinskis
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