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Canoeing on the Venta river

Water activities

Venta is a river in the north-west of Lithuania and in the west of Latvia. It is one of the largest rivers running through the territory of Lithuania. Only the length of the Nemunas and the Neris Rivers exceeds that of Venta. While canoeing you will have a chance to enjoy not only the greenery of pine forests and meadows on the river banks, but also the amazing underwater world of the river as well as the objects of natural and cultural heritage.
1 day route on the Venta River – 10 km (length approx. 4 hours).

Every group will be supplied with a precise maps of canoeing routes including their descriptions.
Canoeing starts in Akmenaičiai village,
Kuršėnai rural subdistrict, Šiauliai district.

Canoeing ends by the pedestrian bridge i
n Kuršėnai.