Tourism and business information center of Šiauliai district

Logo of Šiauliai district tourism and business information centre

A logo of Šiauliai district tourism and business information centre institution. The logo was developed taking account of operational nature of the institution comprising two areas: tourism (supply of tourism information, implementation and development of domestic and inbound tourism activities, efficient use of the objects of cultural heritage for culture-related operations, development of tourism products‘ supply) and business (supply of business information, promotion of innovative business and business development, provision of advisory, training and technical/ institutional assistance).

The logo was developed by Darius Linkevičius‘ advertising company „Galinė stotis“.

Graphic tools reflecting diversified operational nature of the institution were used in development of the logo. Artistic idea of the logo is based on styling of the informative icons most often used in tourist schemes. The logo is comprised of two parts, namely decorative and informative.

The decorative part is a composition of 4 stylised pictograms. Each pictogram symbolises the most important operational areas of the information centre: the hill of crosses/ religious, architecture/ historical crafts, nature/ business. These symbols are complemented by colours symbolizing four origins: air, fire, earth and water. The informative part is made of a full name and unique abbreviation, IC. Layout principles of the logo are simple and universal.