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Dargaičiai zoo


Alpaca Farm ZOO is established in Dargaičiai village, Šiauliai district. This is one of the largest farms in Northern Lithuania and in the Baltic States admitting single visitors and guided tours. Owners of the farm can provide a lot of information on alpacas, as where they come from, how they came to Lithuania, what is so special about these animals, as well as to introduce the alpaca wool and its products which could be purchased there.

The funniest part consists of meeting the alpacas and other animals. Currently, 21 animal species live in the farm: alpacas, lamas, a camel, chincillas, REX rabbits, donkies, Queensland island sheep, Dutch miniatiure goats, a horse of the smallest Falabella breed, an African ostrich, Jacob sheep, Coburg fox sheep, a Highland cow, a horse of Arabian breed, and black-nose sheep.

Under supervision of the owners, the animals may be fed, cuddled and photos with them may be taken. Children may ride friendly ponies. There is a large car parking area at the ZOO, visitors are invited to have a cup of coffee and snacks, as well as to relax in special recreation sites. The farm sells alpaca wool yarn and various alpaca wool products, such as socks, mittens and scarfs.

In the words of Raimondas Neverdauskas, owner of the farm: „Our ZOO is the home for the animals first of all and therefore we are proud that we managed to create most likely the best living conditions for the animals in Lithuania. Upon arrival, visitors will see happy animals living in a clean and cosy environment“.