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Kurtuva trail

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Briefly about the route
20 km
1.5 h.
Route surface
100% Dirt road

A 19.8-kilometer-long trail for hiking, cycling, and horse riding, which begins in Kurtuvėnai, and runs through Vainagiai and Pageluvis Landscape Reserves. You will visit the Kurtuvėnai Manor, Kapa castle mound, Laisvučiai multi-trunk linden and maple, the oak-wood dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Lithuania, Jautmalkė Nature School, Napoleon’s pine, the lakes of Bijotė, Juodežeris, Geluva, Barsukynas, Dubukas, Širva, Kurtuva, Pageluvis castle mounds No. 1 and No. 2, Barsukynas esker, Zuikiškė oak and linden, the ancient cemetery of Kurtuvėnai (Švedkapiai) and Gumbučiai, the Live Horse Museum. Start point coordinates 55.826093, 23.048426



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