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Balts‘ arena in Naisiai

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Naisiai is one of the most visited villages famous not only within Šiauliai district but all over Lithuania! The minor capital of culture of 2015 unique with its objects of attraction has made an appeal to tourists in all seasons. The Balts‘ Arena is one of the most important, impressive and largest objects in Naisiai. Its construction was marked in 2014 with a capsule buried in the ground containing a letter of Naisiai dwellers for the future generations. The size of the Balts‘ Arena is rather impressive: its bank is 200 m long, 160 m wide and the slopes reach the height of 16 m. 125 000 cubic meters of soil were used for construction of the Balts‘ Arena. The altar of stone sanctified in 2015 flares up at the top of the Balts Arena during calendar and memorable festivals. As the Arena was constructed, the Lake of Happiness was created in its western part in the water of which sunsets reflect. During the cold season, the Arena becomes the place for winter entertainment for the local people and the inhabitants of Šiauliai region.