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Church of St. Stanislovas the bishop


The Church of St.Stanislovas the Bishop stands in Meškuičiai town, 1,4 km to south-east from road Šiauliai – Joniškis, between right affluents of the River Mūša, Tautinis and Voverkis. By initiative and under supervision of Šiauliai parson Liauksminas, a wooden church was built in Meškuičiai in 1677. It belonged to Šiauliai parish. In total, 4 Wallachs of land were donated to the church in 1681. It was passed by the bishop to Šiauliai parson. The obsolescent church was rebuilt in 1792. In 19th century (until 1863 m.), there was a parish school. In 1844, a parish was established. In 1857, the church underwent major repairs and redecoration. In 1893, local residents asked the governor-general of Vilnius to issue a permit for building of a stone church. However, only a wooden church was permitted by the government. The parishioners did not want such church. Therefore, when in 1896–1899 no permit for rebuilding of the church was required from the government, a current stone church was built in Meškuičiai in 1897 (construction supervised by parson Kazimieras Gaudesius). In 1920, it was consecrated by bishop Pranciškus Karevičius. After World War II, processions of piligrims used to walk from Meškuičiai to the Hill of Crosses (6 km). The church bears the features of historicism as well as neo-gothics, has a three-wall apsis and two towers. The interior consists of 3 naves. The fence of the churchyard is made from bricks, with the arched gate. A statue of Christ holding the Cross is above them.