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Crocus meadow in Kuršėnai

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A flower planting campaign is organized every year in the city of Kuršėnai, at Daugelais pro-gymnasium school. Tulips, daffodils, and crocus bulbs have been planted more than once at the entrances of the school.
A large school community: teachers, parents, children take care of buying bulbs and taking care of the flowers for the flower planting ceremony. Teachers say that children look at plants planted by their own hands in a different way - they look after them, they take care of them, they don't want to break them with their hands or trample them with their feet. Every year, the school environment decorated with flowers attracts the eyes of passers-by, the blooming of flowers has become a tradition, even tourists from other cities come to see them. Progymnasium is located in the very center of the Daugelais micro-district, in spring and summer sages, lavenders, hollyhocks, lilacs, pansies, crocuses, tulips bloom here - this list can go on and on.