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Forest ring trail

Other natural objects

Magnolias, rhododendrons and hydrangeas can be admired in the village of Naisias, on a nearly 300-meter-long forest path stretching between Alka mountain and Lake Laimė.

Magnolia, a wonderful garden plant that can also be found in artificial forest flower parks. The plant blooms in April-May, before the leaves unfold. Magnolia comes from Japan. Amazingly beautiful, magical and special plants.

Rhododendron is a very decorative plant, which can become the highlight of any garden due to its spectacular flowers. It is no wonder that the name of the plant "Rhododendron" is translated from Greek and means "rose tree" ("rhodon" - rose, "dendron" - tree). Although this plant is not related to roses, the beauty of its flowers can certainly be compared to them. By the way, some rhododendron bushes look beautiful not only during flowering, but also after it ends, because they have thick, glossy leaves that are beautifully green even in winter. The flowering of rhododendrons can be enjoyed in May.