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Pageluvis 1st and 2nd Mounds


Pageluvis 1st mound was used in 1st millennium – beginning of 2nd millennium. The mound was established on the highest area of Barsukynas esker. Its site is rather small, fortified by the ditch and the embankment from all sides. A trunk of dried off Rebel pine stands on the eastern embankment of the mound. It is said that rebels used to take an oath at this pine back in 1863.

Pageluvis 2nd mound located nearby was established at the beginning of 2nd millennium. Since there are no more obvious signs of fortification, it is supposed that the mound was only started to establish. Most likely, it is some part of the unfinished fortification complex jointly with Pageluvis 1st mound.

Barsukynas esker (700 m long and up to 24 m high) is the object of natural heritage protected by the state. The eskers are long and narrow ridges formed in the cracks of melting glacier. The legend says that these are the paths of the giants made through the swamps.