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Camps “Improve yourself“ and “We will be soldiers“


The camp is dedicated for children (boys and girls) enjoying active and meaningful recreation. There will be a lot of excitement, adrenaline and excellent unforgettable impressions! Aim of the camp is meeting new friends and having a great, active and meaningful time together. There will be plenty of games for this aim: outdoor, sports, logic, creativity and educational games! Campers will take part in orienteering games, Airsoft games, day and night hikes, shooting with air weapons, relay races, canoeing (with tasks), crossings (landing with ropes using climbing equipment), sports games and board games. Evenings will be spent at the campfire or a dancing party.

The campers will stay in little wooden houses, sleep on military beds in the camp. They will have a chance to find out what military and scout life looks like, to realise what it means to be a part of the squad, will take part in trainings on how to survive in natural environment and will carry out tactical and orienteering tasks. In addition to that, the campers will have an opportunity to participate in Airsoft games, survival hike, will be taught of camouflage art, shooting with air weapons, will take part in military relays, first medical aid trainings, canoeing, crossings (landing with ropes using climbing equipment) and sports games. During hot summer days – swimming in a river. Every day will end with a nice discussion about the day at the campfire.