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The nobleman’s homestead in Kurtuvėnai traces as far back as 14th century. Mykolas Jaugelavičius, the first owner of Kurtuvėnai, was mentioned in 1495. The information is also available on other prominent estate owners, such as the Kęsgaila, Nagurskis, Oginsky, Tyszkiewicz, or Plater-Zyberk. In 1592, Kurtuvėnai Manor Estate consisted of over 20 wooden buildings, 5 of which were residential. A wooden baroque complex stood there in 18th century. The construction of brick buildings began in late 19th century. In the second half of 16th century, Kurtuvėnai Manor farm was reorganised in accordance with the land measuring unit reform principle, and a farmstead was established. Development of the pond pisciculture was started in 1862. During the period of independent Lithuania (the interwar period) after the land reform, Kurtuvėnai Manor was recognized as the exemplary farm.

Today, the entertainment complex of Kurtuvėnai Manor offers a large number of diverse services, such as Horse riding camps for children, Horse riding school, photo sessions with horses, children‘s birthday parties in the stud farm, tour of two horseshoes, 6 days tour with horses Kurtuvėnai-Palanga, carriage riding in Kurtuvėnai, carriage rent, hypotherapy (therapeutic horse riding) for children and adults, tour by two-horse carriage, horses‘ hotel, various guided tours, educational programs, bicycle tracks and many more manor-like entertainments in Kurtuvėnai Manor. The visitors are welcome to taste delicious local meals and to participate in traditional events. Kurtuvėnai is sightworthy because of the extant park, a stud farm, ponds, a renewed wooden baroque barn and coach house which was also rebuilt. A new Centre of Visitors opened in 2019.