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Kuršėnai pedestrian bridge over the Venta river


Kuršėnai became famous all over Lithuania, when during Christmas in 2020, one of the most beautiful, most modern pedestrian bridges of a unique construction, the longest in Lithuania (262 m long), was opened to the public connecting the main square of the town, Laurynas Ivinskis square with Kuršėnai Manor Park. As soon as the bridge was opened, it became the main object of attraction not only in Šiauliai district but throughout the entire Northern region to which people flood in to have a walk, to admire the amazing panoramic views of the Venta River and Kuršėnai town. When walking over the new bridge, it is possible to conveniently reach Kuršėnai Gruzewski Manor house, the centre of culture of Šiauliai district municipality, old town park where the largest events and festivals of Šiauliai district take place. Kuršėnai pedestrian bridge attracts the visitors not only due to its original appearance but also thanks to interactive and smart solutions. Finishing of the bridge is made of corten, one of the most popular and particularly durable material which is widely used by the European and the worldwide architects and designers. Pedestrian paths, children playgrounds, outdoor fitness exercise machines, pier, swimming area, outdoor terrace and green zone were arranged in the territory of the right bank of the Venta River.