Tourism and business information center of Šiauliai district

Centre of ethnic culture and traditional crafts of Šiauliai district municipality

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The Centre of Ethnic Culture and Traditional Crafts of Šiauliai District Municipality operates in the former servant‘s quarters of Kuršėnai manor. The main functions of the Centre of Crafts: to create conditions for production, introduction and realization of the products of national heritage, to polularize traditional crafts, to organise trainings of tradition crafts and other activities, to organize lectures, conferences, international and state creative camps. In addition, to organize expositions, exhibitions, to conduct educational trainings, to participate in common district and regional cultural programs.
Development of ethocultural activities represents originality of Šiauliai district, encourages tourism, development of traditional crafts, transmission of local traditions from generation to generation. Activities of pottery, felting from wool, weaving of bands, egg decoration, straw decorations for Christmas tree take place in the former servant‘s quarters of the manor.


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