Centre of ethnic culture and traditional crafts of Šiauliai district municipality

For families

The Centre offers permanent expositions of ethnography and pieces of art by folk artists of Šiauliai district. Over 3000 exhibits donated by folk artists and residents of Kuršėnai town are shown in the displays. The fifth King of Potters, Vytautas Valiušis donated 200 old pots to the Centre. Visitors of the Centre may get acquainted with crafts from ancient times to the present day. The exposition is especially abundant in pottery, since Kuršėnai town has been known as the Capital of Potters since the old times. The visitors in the exhibition are introduced to the Lithuanian domestic life, tools and implements used in various crafts. During the guided tour visitors may take a walk in wooden clogs, grind flour or try and “throw” a pot. The guide introduces to articles made by craftsmen, talks about history of the manor, or invites for a walk around the old manor park.


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